AngularJS Setup Environment

Similar to yesterday’s post, I started a basic AngularJS startup environment, something I can just grab and program with whenever I want to start a new angular app. It’s just a pain re-setting up the environment each time. Borrow if you like or contribute, thanks! angular-setup-environment Initial Angular Environment Setup Source:

Python URL Term Scrapper (Kind of Like a Very Dumb/Simple Watson)

I wrote this a while back to scrape a given URL page for all links it contains and then search those links for term relations. The Python scrapper first finds all links in a given url. It then searches all the links found for a list of search terms provided. It will return stats on the number of times specific […]

Creating a Sharepoint ‘Like’ through SOAP Requests

Sharepoint is not my most favorite environment to program in but I figure I’d share a cool javascript app I put together that communicates with Sharepoint’s SOAP API to add on to custom ‘like’ buttons (just like facebook!) With this feature, users can ‘like’ sharepoint items without going through the crazy sharepoint interface. This javascript can be added to a web […]