PIR Sensor on the Pi

Today I soldered a PIR sensor to my Pi! Basically, I want it to detect movement and turn on a LCD screen, then turn the screen off again after a minute of no movement. So when I walk into a room, the screen turns on and when I leave, the screen turns off. Equipment My Pi (See early Posts) PIR […]

TightVNC on my Kali Pi

To get VNC running, you just need to install the tightvncserver package. sudo apt-get install tightvncserver Then to run, use the following command. tightvncserver After running the command, the terminal will display the hostname and display VNC is operating on. That’s it! Your pi now has a VNC server running on it. This tutorial goes into detail on how to set it […]

Kali Screen Blanking

I was tired of the LCD screen hooked up to my pi going to sleep, this page had an answer that solved my problem. Basically, the solution that worked for my involved x11-xserver-utils. sudo apt-get install x11-xserver-utils I then had to create a file named ~/.xinitrc. I use vim as my basic goto editor but there is always nano. vim ~/.xinitrc Inside the […]

My Ultimate Network Monitor/Enumeration Tool – Putting It All Together

Finally, all the parts come together. Look at my previous posts for all the pieces to building the LilDevil network monitor and enumeration tool. Tomato Shibby on ASUS RT-N66W Tomato Shibby Guest Wireless Tomato by Shibby Splash Page Restricting Bandwidth on Tomato Pi Time! IMPROVEMENTS: Detecting New Network Devices with Python and Tkinter Playing with the Pi: Portable Server The […]

Ettercap Man-in-the-Middle Fun!

Ethernet is a broadcast system. Messages sent over Ethernet from any one computer are broadcasted allowing other computers in the network to view and potentially intercept information. This vulnerability is what allows hackers to sniff packets and perform Man-in-the-Middle attacks (an attack where a hacker manipulates packets between its source and destination). What’s worse is that companies spend a lot […]

OpenVAS Quick and Easy: Scheduling and Running Tasks

“OpenVAS is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution” (http://www.openvas.org/). So I’ve been using OpenVAS as an alternative to Nessus and I’ve actually been quite pleased with the tool. The initial installation was a little difficult (see post) but once up and running, it has been great. I haven’t been […]