A History of Supercomputing because… I Feel Like It – Part Two

Now this isn’t an extensive history, right now I’m just posting major develops. At a later time, I might revise and beef up these posts because it really is cool to see how we have progressed from vacuum tubes to our modern beasts! Onward! The next design for supercomputers involved individual processors each with their own 4kbit RAM memory (so […]

A History of Supercomputing because… I Feel Like It – Part One

So there has been quite a bit of talk on Big Data processing, High Performance Computing (HPC), clusters (grouping of computers), supercomputing and such. Our world has gone digital and with that we have more data than we know what to do with and to process this data in a timely fashion we need systems with more power. Ultimately, as […]

Advance MPI

One of the Intel tutorials I attended this year at SC13 (Supercomputing 2013) was on advance MPI concepts and the improvements made in the new MPI 3 standard. There notes can be found at http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~thakur/sc13-mpi-tutorial/. This post will cover a few of the topics they mentioned in the lecture along with briefly reviewing basic MPI concepts. I will be adding models […]