Linked List Remove All

Here is a short insert on how to remove all Nodes of X value from a list. I use recursion and I believe I’ve created a pretty clean solution. This requires Nodes found in my earlier post.

#include "Node.h"

Node* head; //contains the head of our linked list

//Run the search and remove on the linked list starting at the head
//target is the value we are trying to remove from our list
void searchAndRemove(int target){
    searchAndRemove(target, head);

void searchAndRemove(int target, Node*& n){
    if(n != nullptr){
      if(n->data == target) { //if we found our target
        Node* temp = n;
        n = n->next; //delete and replace
        delete temp; //delete the node to clean up memory
        searchAndRemove(target, n); //continue the search, we need this to check the one used to replace
      } else {
        searchAndRemove(target, n->next); //continue the search

Let me know if you have any comments or improvements!

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