How to do stuff RESTfully

REST, standing for Representational state transfer, it lets the browser interact with the server and get things done without knowing anything about the server, the resources it has and the background operations used to perform the requested task. I far prefer REST APIs over SOAP any day! Take a look at the RESTful cookbook below to become familiar with Howto’s and best practices. This will by far make your interactions between server and client cleaner and easier! Pretty much any website I develop, I keep REST in mind, it will make future operations and scaling smoother.

– The RESTful cookbook

REST is hot! And REST is finally rediscovered by API programmers all over the world. But REST isn’t always as easy as it seems on first look. Dealing with HATEOAS, Code on demand and uniform interfaces can be really tricky and many people will fall back to not-so-restful approaches when things are starting to become more difficult. But it doesn’t need to be. Once you get to know REST, you will like it.

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