Distributed Agent Cloud-Sourced Malware Reporting

I recently graduated from BYU with my masters degree. I really enjoyed my research I want to share what I worked on. For my thesis I looked into creating a distributed agent malware reportage framework.

“Malware is a fast growing threat that consists of a malicious script or piece of software that is used to disrupt the integrity of a user’s experience. Antivirus software can help protect a user against these threats and there are numerous vendors users can choose from for their antivirus protection. However, each vendor has their own set of virus definitions varying in resources and capabilities in recognizing new threats. Currently, a persistent system is not in place that measures and displays data on the performance of antivirus vendors to new malware over a continuous period of time. There is a need for a system that can evaluate antivirus performance in order to better inform end users of their security options in addition to informing clients of prevalent threats occurring in their network. This project is dedicated to developing a cloud sourced malware reporting system that uses distributed agents to assess the performance of antivirus software based on malware signatures.”

My research site: http://itsecurity.et.byu.edu:85

Publications: Using Agent Technologies to Correlate and Compare Anti-Malware Software

Currently, the study is being continued by the Cyber Security Research Lab (CSRL) at Brigham Young University.

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