Handy-Dandy Terminal Shortcuts

Hey all, here are some handy terminal shortcuts I’ve stumbled upon in school and work. Maybe they’ll make your life easier as you go about entering commands in a Unix bash shell.

The + sign is not part of the key combination, it’s just to show what buttons to hit together.

CTRL + “u” -> Delete current text in prompt and move cursor to the beginning
CTRL + “k” -> Similar to the last, but instead it kills the input
CTRL + “y” -> Return the last killed input
CTRL + “a” -> Jump cursor to the beginning of your terminal input line
CTRL + “e” -> Jump cursor to the end of your terminal input line
CTRL + “f” -> Move cursor forward one character (similar to right arrow key)
CTRL + “b” -> Move cursor backward one character (similar to left arrow key)
CTRL + “d” -> Backwards Delete (For all you Mac users)
CTRL + “h” -> Forward Delete
CTRL + “r” -> Extremely useful, lets you look up a previous used command. Just press CTRL plus the letter “r” then begin typing the command, the promo will return the last command that used the term.
CTRL + “l” -> Clear screen

I’ll add to this list as I come upon more helpful terminal shortcuts.

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