Linux – Compiling Downloaded Source Code with Make’s 101

I’ve been doing quite a bit of source code compiling using the “make” command and figured I provide a brief primer on how to compile. DISCLAIMER – Not all source codes are the same, some may/may not follow this structure. First step, download the source code you wish to compile. For this example, I will download cmake 3.0. The tool […]

Intel RAID 5 on Windows 8.1

I upgraded by Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 a couple of months ago and since the change I was getting blue screens (of death…) consistently. This issue was do to a piece of memory that was incorrectly over written, my RAID drivers were also failing. There really wasn’t anything important on my Windows partition so I decided to delete the […]

OpenVas for Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi

I’m working on creating a semi-portable security platform. I decided to experiment with installing and using the armel version of Kali Linux (the new backtrack OS) on the raspberry pi. Initially, I faced a lot of problems getting OpenVAS to work on the device. This is one of the very few if only open source armel vulnerability scanners I could find. […]