Python URL Term Scrapper (Kind of Like a Very Dumb/Simple Watson)

I wrote this a while back to scrape a given URL page for all links it contains and then search those links for term relations. The Python scrapper first finds all links in a given url. It then searches all the links found for a list of search terms provided. It will return stats on the number of times specific […]

Logging on Python 2.7

Something actually useful… logging! Not talking about lumber but logging code issues, data, access, anything useful in an application environment. Python makes this super easy! Logging is part of the Python standard library and can be imported with the following line of code. import logging Setup First step after importing the library is to initiate the logger.  log = logging.getLogger(__name__) #create a […]

My Ultimate Network Monitor/Enumeration Tool – Putting It All Together

Finally, all the parts come together. Look at my previous posts for all the pieces to building the LilDevil network monitor and enumeration tool. Tomato Shibby on ASUS RT-N66W Tomato Shibby Guest Wireless Tomato by Shibby Splash Page Restricting Bandwidth on Tomato Pi Time! IMPROVEMENTS: Detecting New Network Devices with Python and Tkinter Playing with the Pi: Portable Server The […]

IMPROVEMENTS: Detecting New Network Devices with Python and Tkinter

So I wasn’t too happy with the kludginess of the network monitoring tool that I posted about earlier this week. It lagged and really wasn’t an ideal tool. I decided to redesign the entire model. The new tool still utilizes Python 2.7 and consists of three parts: Ping/Enumeration Script RESTful Django Script Tkinter Reporting GUI Script Here is how they connect. […]

Detecting New Network Devices with Python and Tkinter

UPDATE: I made a better version of this tool with server implementation here. Today I felt like building a python 2.7 script that would enumerate a network along with alert me to the presence of a new device. I limited my project to functions in the standard library. So something lightweight and okay fast is a ping sweep. From an […]