Setting a timer in C++

I wanted to time some functions to measure performance of different types of functions in order to find what action was optimal. Here is my code for measuring the time of a C++ action.

Basically, you collect a start clock() and a end clock() then find the total time it took to perform something by taking the difference between the two. By default the clock() function uses the CLOCKS_PER_SEC variable to convert the found clocks to seconds. My code shows how to get the result in seconds and Microseconds.

Happy Coding!

#include <time.h> //Need this for clock()

int main() {
    int seconds_to_micro = 1000000; //conversion from seconds to microseconds var 
    clock_t start = clock(); //Get starting point clock
    //***********PERFORM AN ACTION HERE********
    clock_t end = clock(); //Get ending point clock
    float time_in_seconds = static_cast<float>(end - start)/ CLOCKS_PER_SEC //in seconds
    float time_in_microseconds = static_cast<float>(end - start)/ CLOCKS_PER_SEC * seconds_to_micro; //in microseconds

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