Sass Mixins

I started using Sass Mixins today. Love them! Checkout this great article on how to use them. They help unify style code and reduce redundancy between elements. How to Use Sass Mixins Sass is incredible. Whether using it as Sass or SCSS, it improves productivity and makes complex CSS tasks easy. Sass is easy to debug and lets us do […]

Deep Photo Style Transfer

This really cool github project, called deep-photo-style-transfer, was shared with me awhile back. It basically takes two images and merges them together very cleanly. Their code takes an approach to photographic style transfer that can take on a large variety of image content while preserving the reference style. Their research can be viewed here. Here are some pictures below of what it can […]

Javascript Cloning and Moving DOM Elements to Mouse Position

So I was working with dragula, a super easy to use drag and drop library. However, I ran into an issue where when a user clicks the dragging element, I wanted everything in the background to collapse. This messed up the dragging element’s position in relation to where the mouse’s location. In most cases when you drag and drop an […]